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    Camillia Abbott -chapter 2- Poison


    The Harbinger laughed as he blocked her attack sneering right back at her. "Another fool dares to combat me? Maybe I'll have an actual fight this time." he created clones the surrounded her. dang-it

    "His clones can't be damaged, but they can hurt you. Hit the original with a strong attack and the clones will disappear." Masato called out to her and Camillia nodded in reply. at least I have my eye on the original. she smirked a tight grip on the handle of her sword. a scratch will do, I'll let Masato finish him if I can just paralyze him with that thought in mind Camillia waited, her move had to be done at the right moment. Though it wasn't as easy as she thought. One of the clones swung his claws at her and she jumped to the side only to be struck in the back by another one of them. The pain ripped through her and a choked sound made it's way out of her throat. If she still had her tongue she probably would have screamed.

    Frowning Camillia tried to dodge another attack her eyes still on the real Harbinger only to be struck in the back of the leg making her go down to one knee. Wincing she glared at the Harbinger I'm done playing nice lunging forward she stabbed her sword forward just as she was struck again in the back, but she was lucky. The blade barely scratched the real Harbinger's arm and the clones disappeared. Looking up ignoring her pain Camillia smirked because she was the only one in the room who knew what the scratch would do.

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