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    Originally Posted by random-man View Post
    Katatekid: what happened to Beautifly's eye? Was it deliberate? It looks better in your revised sprite, since the normal one make Beautifly look kinda gormless imo, I just wondered. Also, are these the only ones you have done so far or are there others that you don't want to show at this time? I like how you cleared up Linoone's eye too, the old version had it looking really blurry.
    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Don't worry about any problems in karatekid's sprites, since I will be making changes to them should there be anything I don't like. (which I'm aloud to do, since I'm the project creator, and karatekid will still be credited anyways)
    As I said when I posted it, that was my WIP sheet, so I wasn't completely done. It was just to show that progress is being made.

    Chaos: Yup, that is our deal:p, I would still like to improve by getting feedback, but you are still the artist, so I really don't mind if you make them better. Also, I won't really be posting my sprites much since you don't have time to get to them right now, so when you need them, I will send you the sheet. Just shoot me a message.

    The better I am = Less work for you:p

    Random-Man: I specifically asked for feedback in the form of VM and PM so as not to junk up this thread. If you want to see what I have done so far, just communicate with me in such fashion.

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