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Sounds like a nice fantroll! Also your Dirk theme is amazing. I've just reached Act 6 in my reread of Homestuck and soon I've caught up with how far I came last time ^^ I really feel like I have a good overview of Acts 1-5 after three readthroughs but Act 6 I've always read through updates, never archivally. It'll be different this time and hopefully I'll get some kind of overview over the massiveness that is Act 6 too!

Also, is it weird that I think I want to ship Dirk x Jane or even Dirk x Jade?

DirkJane would make sense. They are the "intelligent" two out of their quartet while Jake is an airhead and Roxy is smart in her own way but somewhat crazy.

DirkJade just struck me the other day. Sure, the first (and only time) they met, Jade just kicked Dirk's balls and teleported him outside the Incipisphere xD But if she was less grimbark I think they would get along really fine. Hm. Fanfiction idea here.

ALSO. If anyone feels like roleplaying is their game, or want to try it out, there is a Homestuck roleplay up now in the Roleplay Corner of PokéCommunity! Here:

Maybe we should join and showemhowitsdone?
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