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    Ok here's Tia

    Name: Tia

    Sex: Female

    Race: Wolf

    Path: Tia never trod a path per say, her only purpose in life was to survive from a young age. She hangs around with street rats, viewing some of them as pack. She fights for food, helps for the survival of others, especially human pups and for the large part of her existence she remains quiet. She hides in the streets of freeze and goes out into the wastes between cities to scavenge when she needs to.

    Appearance: As a human, Tia had long platinum blond hair which comes down to her waste in waves and tangles of pale gold and silvers. Along with this, she had deep honey coloured eyes, with a peach coloured colouration in her skin to match, though this is sometimes over looked by a layer of grim which clings to it from time to time. She is seen in calf high, semi slouch boots which are a light tan in colour with numerous buckles running up the outside half, most of them having no purpose other than show.
    Rather than jeans, she wears a pair of cropped leggings with a long, heather grey top. Atop this, she finishes her look with a simple black jacket, with a stripped hoodie underneath for warmth as well as for the hood. Around her neck clings a necklace which holds a simple haematite pendant of a snow flake. Her hands sport gloves which had their fingers ripped off long along. She’s skinny but has slight hints of muscle and is of average height. She looks no more than 20 years old.

    Despite this rather scruffy look in human form however, Tia in her wolf form is a slender, sleek looking she-wolf. Mottled silver fur covering her body in the classic wolf markings seen on a great plains wolf. Light boned, her frame was built for speed and not fights. She has a scar that runs down her back to her tail, but this is thankfully hidden by layers of thick fur. Her face sports a long muzzle, which is almost pure black bar for a white strip which runs from her nose to her forehead. Around her left eye she sports a dark charcoal grey circle. Her necklace remains however, and glints between the silk like ruffs of her chest fur.

    Personality: Tia can be describe as stubborn at time, digging in her heels when she feels like she is being played off with the cheaper deal. By no means has she ever been called shy also, through the years she has learnt to be cautious with whom she keeps close to her and whom she keeps at an arms distance, the slash running down her spine ever the constant reminder of this.

    She is loyal to whom she thinks deserves it though and once proven themselves to her, no one could ask for a better ally. Well perhaps one with a better sense of humour, but in kindness despite her rough past, Tia has remained the same. She will help those whom she thinks needs it most and has no qualms with fighting for her friends. Regardless of this, she is rarely found smiling, a constant sombre expression set into her pretty features.

    She hasn’t really let anyone get close to her since she lost her brother and so she has never experienced emotions of love or jealously but then there is always room for personal growth.

    Also noting, she has never spent any time with her own kind, so she doesn't really know what she will turn out like with extended periods of exposure, so I guess we will see.

    History: Tia grew up on the streets with one of her older brothers, never knowing her parents and being taught never to ask questions about them either. Each time she tried, her brother would snap and growl at her to keep her muzzle shut.

    Over time she simply gave up.

    Years went on, her learning how to live amongst the humans and dodging those strange few who hunted their kind. Living off the streets was hard going, just her and brother, digging in garbage for their next meal. Regardless of this Tia learned to be happy, the little things in life such as fresh snow and naïve sense of optimism getting her through.

    Everything changed however, when an unfortunate run in with a hunter occurred. Tia hid on a roof, cowering in tears, as she listened to the commotion of her brother leading off the hunters. She waited for days after that, in that small cardboard box, for her brother to reappear. When he didn’t, Tia searched, at first cautiously but as panic set in when nothing was found, she began to come erratic, filling herself with paranoia. There wasn’t even a scent for her to follow. As more days went on the reality of what had happened sunk in. At this point, Tia was no more than 15 years old in human years.

    After that she joined a random street gang her brother use to trade with, figuring her best chances of survival were with them. After all, lone wolves never lasted long. Yet after that day, Tia vowed to never let anyone go down without her fighting for them. Her brother had sacrificed his life for hers, a debt that could never be repaid. So she would fight, bite, snap and snarl and keep everyone at a distance, only letting her guard down once with a kid whom she thought was a friend and wasn’t. The son of a hunter and the very gentleman whom sliced her back. He breathed his last breath that day.

    Now Tia has become a big sister figure to the younger kids in the gang. She gives them food and talks to them kindly, but tries again to keep them at arm’s length not wanting to let anyone in close to her.

    Passcode: Great Plains Wolf

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