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Day 12 - What video game-related merchandise do you own?
a few Pokemon plushies, dvds, & mangas
Pretty much anything Sonic (Shirts, Glassware, Plushies, Figures, DVDs, Comics, even the Sonic Heroes Soundtrack, happy meal toys, anything, you name it)

Day 10 - What consoles do you own?
Nintendo DS (Clamshell/Phat, and 2 Lites)
Nintendo 3DSXL (Special Pikachuu Edition!)
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii
XBox360 Slim
Gameboy Advance (Fuchsia, Crystal, and Black)
Gameboy Color (Fuchsia)
Sega Genesis
Sega Dreamcast
Sony PSP

In addition to that, I have a Gaming PC, and my brother owns a normal 3DS, Gameboy Advance SP, and a PS2 along with a Wii and Gamecube. We also have a Phat/Old-Model Xbox360... it's a special one, but I forgot what exactly it is.

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