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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
Just watched episode 6. Where does the time go as I am watching this?! :O

Really nice backstory on Mikasa. I feel sorry for her. I loved seeing Eren give her the scarf. :3 Really highlights their bond... and I can't wait for next week. She still doesn't know what has happened to him. I'm very satisfied with the adaptation, as I've read this chapter already. I didn't read beyond like, chapter 15 though.
It is and the KILLING is just too much. T_T

The sparks around mikasa when she was about to stab the man reminded me of DBZ. I was thinking like OMG mikasa's gonna turn into a Super Saiyan. :3

Also Ymir's voice in the anime is umm... WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA I always thought his voice will be more deeper or like a male. :3 Since I don't see Ymir as a girl at all

Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
AAAAHHHHH thank you so much for saying so. I'm definitely going to hop on that once I finish making dinner.
Yeah there are some weird things going on with that chap. :3
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