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    Yes, I have taken a huge chunk of my time, once again, to bring you this. So I proudly bring to you, once again,

    How To make Role-Play Post

    Table of Contents

    I. Basic Rules
    II. Formats of RPing
    III. Spelling and Grammar
    IV. Story Format
    V. Role-Play Format
    VI. Powerplaying
    VII. Creativity

    More will be added to here as I go on, check this out frequently.

    Basic Rules

    Okay these are rules that are probably good to follow, if you don't want to get in trouble with the mods, and other rpers here.

    1.Powerplaying - Okay this is my pet peeve. Powerplaying is when you make your character or characters invincible, or perfect, also controlling other peoples characters without premission. Yes I confess I have been caught powerplaying, in the perfect devision, but I got that fixed up, and now I'm good.

    2. Spamming - Wow! This is surprisingly a bigger problem than people want to think! Role-Play spam is way different than regular spamming. Spamming here is, posting one or two sentence role-play post. Also not making new paragraphs for new speakers is also spamming, cause it's just one big mess, and it's too confusing to figure out.

    3. Spelling - Tri too kep from speeling liek thsi. Yes I know it's hard to keep from spelling "the" "teh" when you're typing fast. But please go back and proofread what you posted after you posted it, cause some rpers are sensitive to poor spelling and they may get annoyed and complain.

    4. Grammar - Okay this is a big for some of you, bad grammar. Here are some of the sentence structures I've seen in rp post:

    I give you $5 and I go away.

    Yes that is what some of the rpers post are like, and they're not talking to anyone, and it's kind of hard to figure out who they posted this to, if there are 5 or 6 rpers rping that rp. So watch grammar.

    That's all I got for rules right now, more will come soon. As soon as I find time out of RPing and trying to keep up with school.

    Formats of Role-Play

    There are only two formats, that I know of. One is the most annoying way to role-play on a rp I've ever known! The other one is my favorite way. But if there are more ways then feel free to correct me.

    Story Format - This is when you put "" around what a character says and describe in full detail the actions and emotions of your character. Example:

    "Joe I'm going to go to the store and buy some bread." Jimmy sighed as he took the money from his piggy bank.

    "Okay Jim, be quick now!" Joe said smiling.

    Role-Play Format - This is annoying when you're on an rp, but it comes in handy when you're posting on other threads besides RPs. It's when you cover actions in ** and speaking parts are left out of them. Example:

    *walks into store and looks around* Now where is the peanut butter? *walks up an isle* There it is!

    Okay my examples were really corny but I'm rushed right now, I have to help with a yard sale, so be back soon! Enjoy the intro, I get harder! XD

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