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A bit of a short one this time around.

I awoke and yawned a bit before proceeding up the beach, eliminating any tributes that got in my way. I also stole some Soda Pop from a few people and headed into Slateport. Some of the Gamemakers were around, and I decided to show them not to screw with me by eliminating all of them. Shortly after that, I headed to Route 110. I had another encounter with May, and beat her again, but like before, she got away. I grumbled a bit and kept going, reaching Mauville shortly afterwards. I stole HM06 from a guy and an Acro Bike from another guy, then took down Wally. He was just an innocent kid, so I spared his life. Maybe...I'm not just a heartless killer.

I busted into the gym and laid waste to every tribute inside, including Wattson. The guy was a madman and set off an explosion, but Cray luckily survived it with 3 HP and finished the job on his Magneton. After that, I headed up to Route 111 and 112 to finally go and catch something. In the really hot Fiery Path, I went and caught a Torkoal I named Prim, that girl from District 12. Shortly after that, I headed onto Route 213 and caught Greasy Sae the Sandshrew. Now the team was starting to come together. For now, I had to train up the new team members, then head on further...after some rest.


Cray (Combusken) Lv. 33 @ Nothing
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Cut, Rock Smash, Double Kick, Ember

Prim (Torkoal) Lv. 18 @ Nothing
Nature: Rash
Ability: White Smoke
Moves: Ember, Smog, Curse, Fire Spin

Greasy Sae (Sandshrew) Lv. 15 @ Soft Sand
Nature: Careful
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack