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    Ehhh I'm only 15.. but they've been alright. I'm pretty mature for my age, and this has made me despise a lot of my class for their immatureness. This has made it difficult to make friends because the majority of 15 year olds are immature. I don't have too many friends, but the one's I do have are quality, and are at my level of matureness. I have had no problems with bullying, but I'm not exactly popular. I'm not a ladies man, but I talk to girls, and have had a few girlfriends. And there is currently a girl I am involved with that is of my level of maturity. We share a close emotional bond that is beyond what most people can ever have in high school. We are not romantically involved with each other, but I am fine with that, but I am open to being romantically involved with her in the future. So having her in my life has been an up in my teenage experience thus far. I'm kinda just in the middle. I've struggled with grade to an extent, but I'm not in great danger of failing any of my classes. I do wish to get more involved with after school activities though. I participate on a few sports teams, but I would like to do something that would look good on my college resume. I have a summer job, so I have a solid amount of money. I want to be more outgoing in particular situations, so that's something to work on before my teenage years end. I honestly just want to accomplish something because the bulk of what I do now is just video games and internet... but this is mostly because of a lack of motivation. I want to accomplish something during my teenage years. I'm just not sure what it is I want to accomplish yet.

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