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    Oh haha thanks for all the feedback guys! It really helps me know what everyone thinks!

    I think noone responds to this because alot of the ideas I have are kinda "farfetch'd" compared to many other fangames here.

    You were right that the book serves more purposes! It has many features, such as your mentioning as a map, the "pokedex", recording the player's progress, etc. More or less, he's more of a walking database!

    The emphasis on having the book is that your sort of "teaching" him all the new things your world has to offer, which explains many things, such as why you can't just fly to any location because he doesn't know HOW to get to said location.

    And feel free to sprite if you want, I'm not gonna turn you down! All of the battle graphics, however, are going to be hand-drawn like the Fakes I posted, to take advantage of the resolution that RPG Maker can handle.

    @Saving Raven
    Like what Superqami mentioned, the book serves many other purposes as well. And the idea of having him replace the pokegear is a pretty cool idea!

    In actuallity, the "boss battles" I mentioned were really just gym battles with parts of the story mixed in. But I think adding "extra challenges" is a great idea! I'll keep a tab on that!

    Oh yeah, Superqami, if your last post was supposed to contain a sprite, its not displaying...
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