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    Hey guys!!!

    I am fairly new to PC and therefore, I am unaware of any application forms I must fill out before I am authorized to create a club, if any. Although I did find a small form consisting of three basic questions. Given how the questions were not very detailed or long, I'm not sure if this is the right form.

    Why do you want to open up the club?: There isn't already a Dragon type club, which strikes me as strange, considering the averages of all the total stats of all Dragon Pokemon do beat any other types average. And they look pretty awesome as well.
    How often do you intend to update the club?: I myself, for the time being, cannot come online more than once a week. This is soon to increase to everyday. But for now, like I said, it is once a week. Although I do intend on finding a Co-Owner to help me update more than once a week and to help out with the club anyway.
    How long are you hoping for the club to last?: This is club is going to last as long as there are people who love Dragon types. And that, I believe, is endless. If, in any case, I cannot continue being the owner, a Co-Owner would step up to replace me or even a member can as long as he/she would make a fitting owner.

    Thanks for reading mate!