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Good Evening, I would be thrilled to get my hands on an Eevee, and depending how busy you are, i thought I just add a couple other things, amongst my first breeding request. :D

Plasma Eevee
Nature: Random
Ability: Random
-Helping Hand
-Fake Tears

#251 Celebi ♁ (level 50)
OT: WIN2011 ♀ (HeartGold, 2211/20073)
Lax - Natural Cure - 22/24/22/30/27/10
3 Att
Leaf Storm - Recover - Nasty Plot - Healing Wish

* Breeding Request - if possible, please.

Pokemon: Charmander
Gender: F
Nature: Modest
Egg Moves: Dragon Pulse
Best IVs: (Atk, Sp. Atk, Spd /Max 3)
Pokerus: Y
White Version 2 FC 3569 2284 3265
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