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I'm a newbie here.

Pokemon SnakeWood is the best hack of Pokemon and I enjoyed playing it.

Grendle said that go to gym island there is a suprise and i go to gym island but there's no suprise and how can i get pass through the bug catcher in front of Asimov"s gym???

I do not know what i'm going to do ((
but i love pokemon snakewood..really.

Just sharing:
My team:
Hitmontop lvl.100
Spiritomb lvl.100
Toxicroak lvl.100
Articuno lvl.100
Raikou lvl.100
Suicune lvl.100

I obtained Raikou,Hitmontop and Articuno freom cheating. hehehe sorry 'bout that
I obtained Suicune from Hyperegg,when I use the water stone on it.

SnakeWood tip:
Capture a fighting type like Breloom or any pokemon that is fighting type. It is very useful in the game.
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