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    Well I think there should be an Auto-Save feature in the forum. If you are making a long thread and are about to click the Submit button, but then something bad like Internet failure or electricity breakdown happens, the whole data would be lost and you would have to write it again. It would take some time, especially if you are not a fast typer.

    So if there is an Auto-Save feature which automatically saves the data when making a thread/post in every 30/60 seconds, the time required to write the thread again will be shortened a lot. I mean that someone is making a thread and it auto-saves around the last of the thread and then electricity goes off in his/her home, when he comes back and click make a new thread in the same forum, a button comes up saying "Restore Auto-Saved Content".

    I saw this feature on another forum and it was very useful there. So what is your opinion on this guys?
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