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    Hi PC, this is gonna be my form for my club, the Eeveextreme Club. Here goes, guys!

    Why do you want to open up the club?: Well, the club is based around Eevee and its eeveelutions. I'm quite surprised that a club hasn't been made for this yet. Eevee seems to be quite a popular Pokemon nowadays, and even X and Y is gonna announce the new eeveelution when the game is released. I wanted this club to be a place where all Eevee enthusiastic fans can gather together and talk about, well, Eevee, and also to make friends with other members.

    How often do you intend to update the club?:I intend to update it every few days, probably not longer than three days or so between updates and contests and such. Unless, that is, if I'm on vacation and I'm stuck without Internet access, I'll probably ask a fellow staff or reliable member to keep the club going while I'm away.

    How long are you hoping for the club to last?: I'm hoping for the club to last as long as I keep dedicating time to this Club. I would want it to last forever, but we all know that such stuff can't happen, so I will try my best to keep it alive as long as members are still frequenting the club.

    Eeveextreme Club Profile:

    Username: Shaturu711
    Partner Pokemon: Umberon

    Titles: [None]