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    My SU:

    Real Life Name: Patricia Paulina Louise Eier
    In-game name: Lucina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Country: The Netherlands
    Status: Player (Often mistaken for being a beater)


    The first things you'll notice about Patricia when you first meet her is her deep dark blue eyes and the fact that she wears a golden tiara to keep the long dark blue hair, that falls down to her hips pretty neatly, out of her face. Patricia has one piercing in the upper part of her right ear with an aqua blue stone. Patricia usually wears her sword on her left side because she's right-handed so it wouldn't be handy to leave it on her right side. Patricia has a very pale and soft skin and the roundings of a young-adult already too which make some people confused in her age.

    Patricia has a scar on the upper part of her back that goes from her left shoulder diagonally to the right side of her back. It's not hard to hide it but if the scar is exposed she probably won't tell you how she got that scar. Patricia also tends to wear a hood and cloak to hide her feminine features, this is because people tend to think that woman are worse fighters than men. She thinks that this phrase is totally rediculous.

    Personality: Patricia, aka Lucina, is a kind young woman with a happy-go-lucky personality. She enjoys cheering up people a lot and does everything to make them think good about themselves. Despite of her rather sad past, she never differs from thinking positive even when she's in the most inconvenient situations. Even now, when she's stuck inside a game without a log out button, she still believes that someday they will be able to escape from the cruelty Kayaba Akihiko created. Thanks to this she was able to encourage some players inside the game who had given up already. Patricia often acts like a heroine around others but actually has a very insecure side in her personality. She has a small fear for men for example and sometimes loses the hope she has been giving to others.

    On to Patricia's good quilities, Patricia is a very good cook and enjoys singing a lot. You won't be able to hear her singing though unless you are a very good friend of hers, this is due her shyness. She wants to level up her cooking skill as much as possible so that she's able to make tasty food for her friends. Even though Patricia likes singing, she can't play any instruments but a keyboard. She gets distracted pretty easely so singing and playing an instrument at the same time just don't go well together.

    Thanks to Patricia's courage to escape from this game, she has been training a lot and often gets mistaken for being a beater by players who happen to see her levelling up. Even though Patricia can be very shy, there is a pretty funny side to it. She becomes a tsundere when you embaress her and doesn't answer awkward questions straightly.

    History: Patricia grew up in a small town in the Netherlands with one younger sister called Jade. Being the oldest gave her responsibilities like giving her younger sister a good example. Jade and Patricia were very similar to each other. Both enjoyed gaming a lot and both loved cooking, which they helped their mother with everyday. Their father was the director of a large company that made weapons but even though he had such a busy job, he played with his little girls all day on his days off. Jade and Patricia loved both of their parents.

    One day their mother received a call from their father while he was supposed to be at work. He told her to keep both Jade and Patricia inside the house until "the peace was restored". Their father had made some kind of Mafia gang angry by refusing to give them his most expensive guns and daggers for free. The Mafia threatened him by telling him that they would harm his lovely daughters if he didn't cooperate with them. Their mother did as he said and tried to find her little girls outside.

    The 13 years old Patricia and the 12 years old Jade were on their way to the game store to buy a new game when two men, around 30, stopped them. One of them had a scar in his face and smiled creepy at the two girls, scaring Jade and causing her to hide behind her older sister. The other man took out a dagger and pointed it at the two girls. He told them that they had to take responsibility for what their father did. Jade started crying as the man with the dagger was about to stab both of them. Patricia, protecting her little sister, turned her back to the men and took the hit.

    It took awhile before their mother found her little girls and saw Jade crying as she was holding Patricia. The men weren't around anymore and their mother immediately called their father, telling him that Patricia's back had been cut open. Patricia was brought to the hospital and had to stay there for awhile to recover. Patricia, strangely enough, kept smiling every day and told her sister that she was glad that she took the hit. Jade told her that the leader of the Mafia gang had been taken to jail along with the other members. Patricia was happy to hear this until Jade told her that the man who harmed her had escaped. Patricia kept on smiling and ignored the last thing that Jade had said.

    Months later, Patricia recovered from the wound on her back and only had a large scar left that went from her left shoulder diagonally to the right side of her back. Patricia attended school again and everything seemed back to normal, until some boy accidentally pushed her in the hallways and Patricia felt a strange kind of fear running through her body. That's when she found out she had developed a small fear towards men.

    Patricia turned 17 and saw on tv that a game company needed beta-testers to test out their new game called "Sword Art Online". The advertisement made her excited and she couldn't wait until the game was released. She consulted Jade about the advertisement she saw and she started to get excited too. Then finally, a few months later the game was released and Patricia was one of the people who was able to get a copy. Jade couldn't get one so Patricia told her they could share her character, Lucina. Lucina was Patricia's in-game name and the name she would prefer have had by birth. Jade agreed to the idea and so they started. Patricia used the game a lot more than Jade though since Jade had a part-time job.

    One day Jade came home and saw that patricia hadn't logged out yet and was still wearing the NerveGear. Their parents were crying right beside her and Jade started to wonder what had happened. Their mother explained her that Patricia was stuck inside the game and if they removed the NerveGear then her brains would be fried. Jade read the e-mail that had been opened on their computer screen. She was filled with anger but somehow knew that her beloved sister would be able to survive in that game.

    • One Handed Straigth Sword
    • Battle Healing
    • Cooking
    • Detection

    Sword arts:
    • Blue Lagoon - Is activated when the user points his or her sword to the ground while standing in attack formation. The sword glows an aqua blue color as the user runs towards the opponent and slashes from the right hip to the left shoulder.
    • Reapers Sorrow - Is activated when the user points the sword on the opponent. The sword glows a dark red color as the user brings the sword behind him or her and dashes towards the opponent. Then the user stabs their target twice and slashes them from the target's left shoulder to their right knee.
    Level: 14
    Code: Link Start

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