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    Hey there!

    While it's great that you actually took time to fill out the form, there doesn't seem to be much use for it anymore. The reason an application form was made in the first place, was because the section at one point got an overwhelming amount of clubs, where a lot of the owners ended up just leaving all the responsibilities rather quickly, however that isn't really the case today. I guess it's also best to make the decision on whether or not you want to own a club after you've actually tried it, so you can experience what it's like.

    But on the topic of the club. Unfortunately, updates to the opening posts can only be done by either the one who made the post, the moderator of the section or a member of H-staff, so a co-owner would only really be able to guide the club with new topics and the likes, but not add new members to the member list, or manage whatever other things there'd be added to the opening post. So if you're only able to get on once a week, I don't know if it'd really be a good idea to make it. It's your call on whether you want to go through with it, since clubs with dedicated members can run without an active owner, however it's not very likely to happen :/
    I see. The thing is, I'm only able to log on to the internet using my laptop once a week. I can do minor changes using my mobile everyday and I could tell the Co-Owner what to do through a private message. Also I would like to know what "updates" should be done to maintain a club. Is it like, update members list, change in Co-Owners, etc.?If that's the case then these updates I can perform daily.