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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    New type confirmed? Remember that Smash promo of the girl dressed in a Sylveon costume trying to break bricks? Well, Bulbagarden tweeted recently about the latest Pokémon Smash episode and here's what they said:

    "Is a new type confirmed? Well...maybe. During the Eevee-Akiyama friends segment of Pokémon Smash earlier today, it was heavily implied that Sylveon is strong against Ice types, and weak against Poison types. If this is true, and not just the Pokémon Smash team horsing around, then this is an outright confirmation that Sylveon is a brand new type.

    For those who haven't seen the segment, it had the team (cosplaying as Eeveelutions) trying to figure out Sylveon's type. First, Shoko (playing Sylveon) pulled out some Nunchucks....but then got shoved inside a drum by a big burly guy, implying Sylveon is not a Fighting type, and in fact is probably weak to them. Next, she broke a block of ice. Akiyama and the others suggested that she may be a Steel type as a result of these two results, and decided to test the idea. The method they came up with? Seeing if she resisted Poison by having her put her head in a box and expose her to some really bad smelling items. That...didn't work out so well for Shoko. Not clear if that was meant to imply Poison was super effective, or that it was just effective, but at least it was clear that Sylveon lacked the Poison immunity of Steel.
    (Yes, crazy stuff like this is typical of Smash)

    One more thing to consider. If this is true, it contradicts the "Fairy-type" rumours which have been going around recently. While those did suggest a Poison weakness, they said nothing about Ice at all, and suggested that Sylveon was actually strong against Fighting. type looking incredibly likely. Your thoughts?"
    Pokejungle contradicts Bulbapedia. According to Pokejungle, who uses PJ and ZephyrSonic+ ZS's girlfriend to translate, Sylveon wasn't really effected by Poison. They tested to see if she was immune to Poison as part of the Steel test. She wasn't immune but it was never said Poison weakened her Wow they changed it XD...hrm.