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Finally got around to posting. Here's my progress so far:

  • Picked up Tepig for my starter and nicknamed it MegaBacon.
  • Went through Flocessy Ranch
  • Hacked in a Nidoran M and nicknamed it BAMF (this will apply once he evolves)
  • Thanks to BAMF's double kick, beat Cheren easily.
  • Went to Virbank and legitimately caught a Magnemite. Nicknamed it Danger Zone
  • Beat Roxie laughably easily.
  • Saved in Castelia after just arriving.

Current team:

Lv. 14 Nidoran M (BAMF) Double Kick, Leer, focus energy, poison sting.
Lv. 13 Tepig (MegaBacon) Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Defense Curl.
Lv. 16. Magnemite (Danger Zone) Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Thunder Shock, Sonic Boom.
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