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Dear Anonymous,

How long has it been now? 9 months? Around that. Isn't that crazy. I still remember it clearly, of course I do, how can I forget? 9 months ago we stopped talking, just like that. We'd certainly been leading up to the... Well it wasn't really an argument, but the truth came out so to speak, I saw it coming, I just tried to fool myself into thinking my intuition was wrong, and as I still find sad, it wasn't, you lied and you just carried on lying right up until the end when I forced the truth out of you. It's fine now, I'm over it, sure, I still want it but hey, I moved on long ago. I wouldn't say no though, if you asked, but does it matter? You won't ask because we don't talk.
I still consider you my friend, a distant one, but a friend all the same and someone who is still very important to me and I still feel like I owe you a lot for all you did. You're happy though, that's good, I'm happy too. I like to imagine one day we'll just start talking and things will be like they were before, we used to speak for hours and hours, do you remember? It's the first time I've really thought about you in a long time. I remember that time you decided to wake me up at 3am with a text message. That was cute. Do you still think about me? So much has happened, so much I'd like to tell you about. But you're busy, I was never that important to you, I've always cared about people more than they cared about me, so I won't bother you, if you want to talk to me you will, and at the moment I'm content just waiting.
All my love,
Amy x
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