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Style, eh? I'll show you style.

Name: Abraham "Abe" Soule
Age: 24
Race: Umbran
Gender: Neither...or both? (Generally referred to as Male)
Class: Mage

Personality: Most of the time, Abe prefers the company of himself, and nobody else. He thinks on things, sometimes things as philosophical as the meaning of life and the reality of existence itself, often, and does not like to be disturbed during these moments. In fact, he hates it. Abe is normally a calm individual, and is not easily angered. He is not the most witty, nor the most physically powerful, but he is very intelligent, most often being able to work his way around problems calmly and with a cleared state of mind. As per the Mage's code of conduct, he never uses magic to harm others except if his or someone else's life is threatened.

Abe can be somewhat mysterious and enigmatic at times, preferring to keep to himself and not speaking unless he has to. He has a rather strange habit of appearing behind someone and making a slight noise to alert them of his presence, often startling them in the process. Although he usually is a rather solitary person, he has a great respect for all the species, with no sense of prejudice whatsoever, and will never hesitate to help those in need.

Abe also has a burning passion for magic, realizing that it is his calling and that he was born to conjure it. Although it is not apparent at first, Abe has an incredible imagination to match his intelligence, and has a great appreciation for art and literature. However, he prefers to keep this lighter version of him locked away behind an enigmatic exterior. Under a pseudonym, he has published many books that reflect his thoughts, such as The Mystery of Magic and A Philosopher's Guide to the Meaning of Life. These works are a testament to his true capability.

Abe also has a burning ambition, and only one goal is not enough to feed the fires of his desire. His main desire is to become a great Mage, better than anyone of the Magic Society. Although his ambition burns bright, he never lets it influence his actions. He knows that he must work hard to achieve his goals, and that the easy path is not an option. His ambition is what compelled him to study hard at the academy, and what compelled him to train hard and join the Magic Society.

Despite the fact that he's Umbran, he cannot help but somewhat resent his species. His entire life, he has wished to be able to actually see and hear the world around him, not simply detect everything with his mental sense. While his position as an Umbran does give him a psychic advantage over other races, it also makes it so that he cannot stand too much exposure to sunlight, especially after the terrible disease he had when he was a child. His entire life, he has always wondered what it would be like to have what others called a 'face.'

History: Abe Soule is a strange case indeed. He was originally born to a travelling merchant whose name is long forgotten. The young Abe travelled with his father in the underground tunnel network for several months, only coming to the surface to trade with other merchants. Until one day, the baby Abe somehow set fire to his father's merchandise through what appeared to be magic. Horrified that his son had turned everything he had to ash, he cast the young Umbran out into the streets of Vega. Abe surely would have died in a matter of days, if he had not been found by a Lizan woman named Mofita two days later. As it was, the young mother Mofita had lost her child in the Survival of the Young ritual only days before. Depressed with the loss of her own child, she took Abe to an inn to inquire who this young Umbran might belong to. Of course, no matter how much she asked around, the Umbran did not appear to belong to anyone, so she decided to keep it as her own. Mofita and her husband, Crago, a blacksmith, raised Abe for several years, naming him after their lost son Jurido. During this time, they discovered Abe's strange tendency to generate flames out of nowhere. Sometimes he would only generate small sparks, other times he would be able to light a candle, after which he appeared completely exhausted. Mofita and Crago took Abe to see a Lizan shaman, who declared that Abe had considerable magical abilities locked away within him.

As he grew up to the age of a toddler, Abe's parents would often bring him to see the shaman, who would help him harness the magical power within him. What began as small sparks of fire evolved into miniature fireballs and even a stream of flame, though Abe was obviously very exhausted after these attempts. Around the age of four, Abe fell terribly ill, and after further inspection from the shaman, it was found that the source of the illness was actually underexposure to shadow, or essentially starvation. Mofita and Crago had forgotten that Abe was still an Umbran; he needed the darkness to survive. He had been spending so much time with the shaman, practising magic, that he had been away from the shadows for too long, not to mention the extreme exhaustion that came with training. His parents took him underground, to Tubscus, the capital city of his species, the Umbrans. Umbran doctors worked on his condition for several days, and were eventually able to save him from starvation by leaving him in absolute darkness for several days. Unfortunately, conditions on the surface were not suitable for an Umbran, so Mofita and Crago were faced with a choice: relocate to the Umbran city, where it would most likely be too cold for Lizans such as them, or hand Abe over to the Umbrans in order to keep him in the shadows. They chose the latter. After saying goodbye to Abe, a depressed Mofita and Crago returned to their home above ground, while Abe stayed with his kin.

Abe, initially upset at the departure of his parents, and not understanding why they had left him, was rather reclusive. His new Umbran guardians weren't so fond of him, either, since his skin had become white in some areas. This skin mutation was caused by the sickness, and by years of exposure to light. It was something he would live with until the end of his days. It really caught most Umbrans off-guard, and some would even call him a human because the white colour of his skin resembled the beige colour of theirs.

Then, another chance encounter. A powerful Mage of the Magic Society named Ygreg Silvarian encountered the young, lonely Abe Soule during his stay in Tubscus. He had originally come in search of a rogue Mage, but what he found was quite different. Abe hadn't seen another Mage other than the shaman from two years ago, so he was naturally interested in the robed stranger when he came across him in the street. The Mage sensed the magical prowess of Abe among the crowd of Umbrans, at first suspecting it was his rogue Mage, but then realizing it was something entirely different. Abe approached Ygreg, and he instantly knelt down to Abe's own height. Surprisingly, it was revealed that he was a human. Ygreg explained to Abe that he was gifted, and that he should not wither away in the underground. Abe's guardians heartily agreed to be rid of Abe, so Ygreg quickly took him back to the surface, to be trained in the arts of magic.

Ygreg took the role of Abe's guardian next, and, realising he had no name other than Jurido, he renamed him Abraham Soule. Abe was sent off to a Magic School for the Gifted, where he learned to harness the skills of a Mage. Along with help from his tutor at the school, he also received daily training from Ygreg himself. Ygreg and the Master Tutor of the school, named Selvich, were good friends, so when Ygreg had to leave for a mission the Magic Society had assigned him, Selvich would take care of Abe until he returned. At one point, Selvich even referred to Abe as a prodigy, especially considering that he was Umbran, and it was highly unusual for them to develop an affinity to magic. After he graduated the school, he also attended the Magic Society college.

Trained for all of his childhood and adolescence, a twenty year old Abe returned to Vega. There, he attempted to locate his old parents, Mofita and Crago, simply to assure them that he had turned out fine. He managed to find the shaman with whom he had practised Terology in his early years. The shaman, amazed to see how his former pupil had turned out, directed them to Mofita's home, but commented that "You will not like what you find."

Indeed, Abe didn't. When he found Mofita, although she was overjoyed to see him, he discovered that Crago had died a few months ago, and that Mofita had gone into withdrawal with her infant son, Hoffa. As if that wasn't bad enough, there were also financial matters; with Crago gone, Mofita couldn't take care of herself and her son. Abe began scouring the local job boards for jobs to do, offering to keep the Lizan woman and her baby afloat with the gold he got from the work.

Abe continued this for a few months, showering Mofita in gold as much as he could, and he became accustomed to the routine. However, at one point, Mofita decided enough was enough. She couldn't stand watching her son work away while she reaped the benefits. She encouraged him to do what he had always wanted to do: join the Magic Society. Train harder, become a brilliant Mage. She told him that they could manage, though she knew this was a lie. Reluctantly, Abe left the city and his family, in search of his future.

After four more years of dedicated hard work and training, the Magic Society accepted the young prodigy into their ranks, and Abe became one of the youngest Mages to enter the Society, at age 24. Of course, compared to the other Mages of the Society, he was still a novice. He took it upon himself to become stronger than all of them. To show them what he was truly capable of.


Terology - 4
Tenebriology - 4
Psionics - 3
Magical Devices - 2
Shadow Meld - 3
Stealth - 3
Intimidation - 2
Willpower - 2
Diplomacy - 2
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