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Name: He has no birth name, though he has created multiple alias throughout his lifetime which he uses to conceal his true self. Vesper is his traveling alias, so let's go with that for now.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Personality: As an adolescent, Vesper was a passionate and stubborn rogue with guts, lots of curiosity and an unusual respect for the shadows and dark. As he was given to a temple who worship the god of Delinus, the god of death, this trait of his was appreciated. The path he was required to follow put him through exercise, both of the mind and body, and immense training in the arts of stealth, espionage, sabotage and assassination. His once passionate and wild nature has become a cold and restrained one, and through the image he projects through his profession as an assassin, people often misunderstand him as harsh, or even heartless and unemotional. But that is merely an illusion of the multiple personalities he has to fake to get by. Some disguises of his involve him being kind, but it does not mean he truly is. His approach at things render him ruthless and cunning thus bringing a dark tone to his illustration; he is focused around his own survival, more than anything. He is also overly practical. If something is of no use to him, sentimental or not, it must be discarded.

The training he received in the temple of Delinus did not only touch him externally, like it does to most of his peers, who tend to believe that a life is a simple, odd happening which they can snap with the sharp edge of a blade, or fade it away with a few drops of poison. Over the years, he has developed a philosophy of his own that he follows strictly. His philosophy is that every life form, as small as it may be, can affect history, even has the possibility of changing the whole world. In the temple of Delinus, he grew to believe that death is a gift, which must be delivered as painlessly as possible. In that sense, he does not believe he does people harm by killing them; on the contrary, he thinks he does them good by sending them to the god of death to judge them, before they can further sin in their lives.

Over the years of his commitment to the duties of an assassin, he gained the respect of the temple he served in, and along with his accomplishments came his reputation of a deadly assassin. All that was left from his once overly stubborn spirit was an unshakable determination, a dedication to his tasks that made him unrivaled amongst his peers. The people he contacted had now gotten used to his constant seriousness and immense understanding of a situation, which he acquired through studying it thoroughly. Once he had set his eyes on a target, he would be entirely focused to just that, and he would often be too absorbed to keep some time for himself. As for the way he treated people, it got him known as a tremendously calm and cold blooded person. That was true, to some extent - being calm and restless had proven a great asset to his job, as he was easily able to improvise, despite an operation being a single misstep away from falling apart.

Vesper is mainly the reticent type of person, although the way he acts heavily depends on what kind of person he pretends to be (somebody not named Vesper). When he is being... Vesper, he speaks quickly and only when required to, while he puts thought into his brief speech. He is rather intense, practical and realistic. His words are often blunt, straightforward and as sharp as his blades and their effects as intoxicating as the poisons they are coated with. When around those he considers allies, he prefers to keep a distance as he is often not quite fond of company - he is always quiet and acts collected around them, while on constant guard. He can be deemed subtle; this trait he had ever since he was a child, and he was always mistaken for a bashful person, though he is not. In large companies, he often keeps a shadowy, silent vigil, until he speaks his mind and reminds everyone of his presence. As he is by nature solitary, he keeps things to himself and shows little to no emotions. Serious and solemn as he mostly is, he rarely laughs or exclaims; his voice isn't hushed, but intense, yet discreet. He generally treats a person discreetly, thinking whatever they do, whatever their beliefs are, whatever power they have assumed, is a personal characteristic of theirs, in which he has no access or right to judge, and therefore he will keep his thoughts and opinion about it to himself. He holds warriors, sorcerers and believers in high regard, as honor is something he values; despite him absolutely disregarding it when it comes to his own job.


As a human child born on the road, Vesper was tossed in the steps of a temple of Delinus, the god of death. The monks and priests there took him in, out of pity. Without a mother to nurse him, it seemed likely that he would die, but he did not; the temple received his survival as an omen from their god. As they believed that every one of us manages his own life as they learn to from the start, until death comes, they decided to build an assassin, who would give the gift of death to the enemies of the temple. He never received a true name, only used alias to do quests in the city for the priests. They taught him that death is a gift that prevents men from sinning further simply by living, and he has that philosophy carved deep into him. He was trained in stealth, espionage, sabotage and assassination in a very early age, by a scholar and assassin that served the temple, namely Master Hammet. Later in his childhood, Master Hammet started sending him on quests to towns.

Vesper worked under the cover of many alias, sinking into the societies and learning their secrets. He made many friends that way, providing him with every illegal merchandise he could get his hands on, and performing as a hire-for-gold killer. Being successful multiple times earned him a reputation, though, and if his name was not known (as he changed it often), his face was. The temple entitled him officially as an assassin of theirs, giving him the black robe that concealed his every characteristic.

Master Hammet from the temple sent him to give the gift of death to a High Priest of Tyra, the goddess of life, who had recently established a post in the nearby town. Vesper questioned, at first, his objective, but then he conceded it was the right thing to do. The High Priest preached that life had a different meaning than that Delinus gave it, and while Vesper himself did not mind what others wanted to believe, he knew the priests and monks of the temple would take offense from the collision of ideologies. When he sneaked inside the High Priest's chambers, he found out the main reason to why Master Hammet wanted the High Priest dead: he was planning on building a temple close to theirs. Vesper decided to leave a threatening note on the priest's pillow, commanding him to leave town for the sake of him. Sparing him proved to be a grave mistake on his part, one that would teach him a fine lesson. The High Priest hired bodyguards that would stay with him at all times, while other men scouted the area for suspicious looking people, making his assassination seemingly impossible. He built a temple for Tyra, where he was supposedly chanting the goddess, but the sacrifices he earned from believers he took for himself. Gold, food, everything - after watching him for a time, Vesper figured it was all going to his chambers inside the temple.

Vesper disguised himself as a nobleman and went to the temple of Tyra. There, he sacrificed a luscious red apple. Two days later, the High Priest died of heart attack, or so it seemed.

The temple decided that it was time for him to travel and carry out their orders further away; and so he travelled.

Stealth - 6 (7 Skill Points)
Daggers - 5 (5 Skill Points)
Thrown Weapons -1
Climb - 1
Swim - 1
Pickpocket - 3
Lockpicking - 1
Magical Devices - 1
Survival - 1
Bluff - 1

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