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    I'm a corporate lawyer, and have been since August of last year. It's my first proper job and, to this day, I have no idea how I managed to get it. I'm on what's called a 'training contract': a two year employment contract with my firm in which I spend 3 or 6 month rotations around different departments. In my time so far, I've spent 3 months doing bribery investigations, 3 months doing competition law litigation and I'm coming to the end of my third month doing corporate mergers & acquisitions (basically companies buying and selling other companies) but will probably be doing that for another 3 months. At the end of my contract, there's the opportunity to work for 6 months in one of the firm's overseas offices (I have my heart set on Tokyo but I honestly wouldn't mind going anywhere that they'd put me, to be honest). I don't know if I want to be a lawyer forever and ever and ever, but I'm enjoying myself for the time being: the work is relatively interesting, the pay is very good and it's job security for the next couple of years. When I'm a bit older, I'll see how I find it and make decisions accordingly. But that's still a long way off. :D
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