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I've had two proper jobs.

My first job I got October of senior year at high school, and that was at CVS as a clerk and cashier. I quit because the manger at the time didn't give me any hours and I didn't see the point of bringing home only four hours worth of minimum wage every other week.

The job I have now is to help me save money. I originally got it to pay off college courses I had to drop, because I had a balance due to my college for dropping courses past the deadline since I didn't have money for books. I got it last year and it's at a car part's warehouse. Right now I work as a loader, so I load trucks, but I've grown fond of part picking and am going to be switched to that when they find a replacement for me (they offered someone a job the other day, so if all goes well, I should be a picker by next week!). I am working there right now to earn and save money (since now that my college is paid off and I go to community college, financial aid pretty much covers all of my expenses) while I go to school.
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