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I guess I'm looking for roleplays that let me write a good story and won't consist of one liner dialogue back and forth and never really getting anywhere. I want a bit of detail ^^; Also, playing with people who are knowledgeable enough about Homestuck to let some creativity and twists in the game be ok ^^ But mostly I just want to go through a SBURB adventure myself, it's kind of as exciting as playing a Pokémon RP and get to be a trainer yourself ^^

As for flashes, I think I'll always change my opinion and always love Descend and Cascade to bits, but the one that comes to my mind right now is [S] End of Act 6 Intermission 1.
The first time I watched it, my jaw was dropped the whole time. So much foreshadowing. The music made it so incredibly epic. And when the new, unprototyped battlefield came into view, all my feels just blew me away. That's when I thought "wow, this is really a new session, a blank page, a chance to make everything alright and escape all the disaster and finally win". So yeah, I do think it is my favorite flash vid.

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