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    I'm very interested in this, I assume all races develop at the same rate and are about the same in terms of life-expectancy?

    EDIT: Not done yet, but let me know what you think so far:

    Name: Jasper Finch

    Race: Avian

    Gender: Male

    Class: Rogue

    As a young child, Jasper was always somewhat of a trouble child and a thrill-seeker. This is what led him to start robbing in the first place, and is, in his mind, a hereditary trait from his father. He was always very protective of his mother and brother, however. He felt like it was his duty to do so, because, since his dad was sent 'away' when he was six, he had always been the man of the house. This, of course, made him mature much more quickly than many of his peers, and turned him into the kind of individual you could describe as "street-smart"; he knew the ins and outs through the slums of Tarus.

    However, he then spent a great deal of his life in an "absent" state. He is twenty-five years old, and he spent two-fifths of that time as a subservient thrall. Jasper's consciousness may be back, but the world has changed. He doesn't know where his family is; he is disoriented, confused, angry, and reluctant to interact with others. However, he has the scroll. The scroll is everything to him, it is his link to the past, to the world, and it reminds him that he belongs here. Although he is steadfast to find any clues as to the whereabouts of his family, he becomes incredibly nervous around other Avians, who may recognize him as a thrall.
    Jasper was born under what many would call "unfortunate circumstances". He lived with his mother, an overweight (aka disabled) Avian with no means to work and his younger brother, Jaden. He also saw his father a lot; he was a well-known thief, which, in his line of work, was a bad thing. Captured by Avian authorities, his robberies, it was found out, accounted for a lifetime of community service. Service he, considering his hardiness, probably continues to serve…

    For the majority of his childhood, Jasper assumed he'd have to go down the rogue's path as well. His habit began pettily; he'd steal a candy or hold on to a pen "on accident", but quickly, he found himself able to feed his family based only on his skill. Then it happened. He had staked out this man's place for weeks. He was a mage, from the Society, and in his senescence, he'd become unwary prey for Jasper. Jasper would do his chores, his groceries, he would walk him, and here and there, he'd find compensation. A ring of peridot and garnet, a necklace of corundum; beauty and power that resulted in a bit of financial gain every time one slipped into Jasper's hand.

    One day, Jasper found a scroll in the man's place. Knowing that scrolls can be pretty damn expensive depending on what they do, he took it, stashed it, and never went back. A week later, authorities stopped him while on the search for a murderer. Although Jasper was able to prove his innocence of this crime, his petty thievery earned him ten years of community service, like his dad. He was fifteen at the time, upon coming out of his mental enslavement, he realized that his brother and mother had moved away, so he went and collected his only possession, the scroll, and determined to get as far away from any Avian settlement flew to human lands.

    However, he couldn't sell the scroll. He had paid so dearly because of it… and it seemed to cause a sentimental link to the object. Curious as to the nature of the scroll, he opened it, and his life changed forever. This particular scroll contained a poem, that when read out loud summoned the trickster demon, Pan; a satyr with crimson-colored skin, and dark red hair. Pan, knowing how to entice the young Avian, struck a deal with Jasper; a deal Jasper may live to one-day regret; yet, the promise of strength has the power to entice any individual in Adlania. For now, Pan allows Jasper to summon him when he's needed, and that's all Jasper needs.
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