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Hi Kami, welcome to PC and great to meet you! :3

Happy to see you decided to introduce yourself; that's a good first step. There's been a lot of intros posted lately and it makes me happy to see so many people are wanting to get a feel for the community and making their own threads!

Any reason you joined PC, by the way? :) A lot of people join to be part of a Pokemon forum in general but there are also members who have specific things they want to get involved in. Things like ROM hacks, discussion of the Pokemon games, to post their artwork, and so on! Lots of different kinds of people here so it'd be cool to know why you joined in particular. Maybe you can tell us about yourself too, like how long you've been into Pokemon and what your favorite part of the franchise is. Maybe I'm just being nosy but... it helps to make friends with interests similar to yourself, you know?

So yeah, have a great stay here! If you need anything you can always private message a moderator or drop off a post in the Questions & Feedback section. I'd recommend the New Users' Hangout as a place to meet other newbies and people who have been here a while, so stop by if you're interested. ^~^ See ya!

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