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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
That said, due to all the things being kept a secret, the wait for a new chapter becomes excruciatingly painful. ;____; I JUST finished reading the manga upto the point it's available on the internet and I'm just longing for another chapter. Pretty darn sure it's a monthly manga looking at the chapter size. Anybody knows for certain if it's monthly? Or is it like one of those mangas where a chapter comes out in six months or a year? (berserk, anyone?)
As the others mentioned, it's monthly released =)

Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Also, I don't want this to be a 25 episode anime. :< It probably won't have a good ending. But hey, always up for it if it's gonna have more than one season. :p
Well... classic middle long ongoing.
They won't prolong this for longer time.

Originally Posted by Shadowraze View Post
It is and the KILLING is just too much. T_T
You don't like 9 years olds killings adults? :D
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