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    The color palette is perfect. I love the shark, raptor, gargoyle thing its got going for him. And my favorite part about Garchomp is the hammerhead shark details on the sides of his skull.

    First, their is nostolgic appeal, being that he is the first dragon-type. Though, despite that, it can hold its own on design as well. Dragonite's design may be simple, but the design is also the most mythical.

    This design is dark, twisted, and fun all rolled into one. Though, a bit gimmicky, I find Hydreigon to get a great addition to the dragon-type, though he is certainly not as appealing as his many predecessors.

    Ugh, MetaGROSS! I do not like the artificial robo pokemon. I like the idea of steel pokemon, but they only work if their is a more natural aestetic of an earth metal, which is why I also do not like Ferrothorn, Bronzong, Magnezone or Probonose.

    The derpy face and thick neck completely throw me off. Though, I did like this pokemon when it originally came onto the scene in g/s/c, the sprite resembled a vibrant green Nidoqueen/Rhydon, which I loved. A refresher:

    Do I dislike this pokemon, no. Do I like this pokemon, not really either. I am just underwhelmed with the overall design. The deoxys color palette and wide-front are not terrible nor is it memorable/attractive.
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