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Sorry, Fenneking, I see that as cruel.People try and save endangered species because they shouldnt just be allowed to go extinct. I think that attitude is just cruel. Animals should not just be caused pain and suffering, they dont understand. They havent done anything to people. They just want to live as we do. I honestly think most animals ought to be left alone. If they need help, they should be helped as much as we can but honestly unless its absolutely nessesary to harm/kill an animal, it's better to just leave them be. I dont believe in merciless harming of other creatures, that dosent sit right with me.

There is probably a reason why people are eating less meat, and they shouldnt be forced to eat more if they dont wish to. I dont eat much meat, because I dont need to, sometimes I just prefer not to and that is ok. I can eat what I please and so can others.
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