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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    Welcome to the forums, Hiro. :D

    You must be lucky for still owning Pokemon Red! I used to own it when I was 14 or 15, but I lost it during one of my moving days. I still have Pokemon Silver and it still works, fortunately! <3 Just need a Game Boy to play with it. xD

    Your opinions are your opinions here, so there's no need to worry about getting hatemail or anything like that! I don't like the fact that the anime is too repetitive either, which is why I preferred the Pokemon Chronicles series myself, and the first season of the anime. Those were the days tbh!

    Cirny, the mod of this very section, gave you a few links for you to check out, which are some sections! However, since you are looking for a ROM Hack for GBC, there is a library full of hacks here, so I'm certain you'll find a hack for that! We have a ton of hacks done by our own PC members. :D

    Have a wonderful time here, btw! Cirny is always around if you have any questions, okay! Don't be shy to ask her stuff.
    Thanks. I do find it helpful from both you and Cirny. I am just afraid to say much in forums because in most places, people happen to A-holes; And you never know how deep the Canyon is until you've hit the ground, if you know what I mean. So yeah, being the internet most places have never heard of the First Amendment (U.S.) and saying the wrong things there, has cause me to have some of my accounts deleted, (Though it's not like I can just reopen a new one anyway.)
    Anyway, You probably wouldn't want me babbling on about other forums, so I'll just hit straight to pokemon. I feel that it is unfortunately losing most of it's popularity due to the growing fan cults; (Bronies, Trolls, Creepypasta Freaks, Furries, Meme-mers, COD fans, etc.) This may be mainly because most people don't find many things to do with it. We have the classic games, Modern ones, and even fan things with it. Now granted this website has many things to do within it, most people I know prefer to play minecraft, tf2, Cod, and so on. This may be due to the fact that Pokemon consists really nothing more than fighting, trading, role-playing, and a few mini-games here and there. And most of the more enjoyable things to do with pokemon is to play games with mods of Pokemon within them. They just give you a nostalgic wave of the classics, just within a different perspective. Many Fan games, like Pokemon 3D on GameJolt, gives fans a better view of the trainers perspective, but still invigorates us to play the game; and the online multiplayer is an add-on which really gives it a better way of playing, like MMORPGs offer.
    As for fan art, stories, and other things, I am working on a Creepypasta for, what appears to be a hacked cartridge that may or may not be a beta for a game made by nintendo that gives a totally different perspective on the Pokemon red engine, and what it can do. It's a work in progress but I will finish it some time later.

    -Also as a second note, I use gamemaker and am trying to make a Pokemon-like game, But that's for another thread.
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