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    Originally Posted by Inkblots View Post
    Haha, don't worry. I can't speak for Fenrir of course, but I don't feel excluded so much as just... confused. I'm just coming to realize that I know even less than I thought I did about the whole physical/romantic attraction thing, lol. These kinds of conversations don't really come up with most of my friends. It's usually more along the lines of "damn, he's hot" and me going "uh, yeah, sure, whatever"

    To give a quick definition, a demisexual person only feels sexual attraction towards people they have an emotional connection with (in other words, a demisexual will rarely, if ever, feel attraction towards complete strangers). Someone who feels sexual attraction towards strangers, but chooses to have sex with someone they have an emotional connection to, isn't demisexual, the same way a person who feels attraction towards others, but decides to be celibate, isn't asexual. I'll let Fenrir field the more complicated attraction parts of that question, haha.

    I'm actually aromantic as well as asexual - I don't feel any romantic attraction towards anyone, and have never had any desire to be in a romantic relationship, or share the rest of my life with one particular person. The closest I've come are "squishes" (like a crush, except it's an intense desire to be friends with someone, rather than to be romantic partners with them) or the occasional fantasy about finding a queer-platonic partner/friend (also known as a zucchini) - someone (of any gender) with whom I am closer than most friends, but who isn't a romantic or monogamous partner. That said, I wouldn't want to live with said person for the rest of my life. Neighbouring apartments or sharing a duplex, something like that would be fine, but not living in the same house/apartment.

    If I HAD to choose to live with someone though, I'm not sure... it really depends more on personality than gender. All else being equal, I would probably choose to live with a straight woman. Partly because I feel like it would be easier to convince people we aren't romantically involved. And because there won't be any issues with her developing feelings for me that I won't be able to return.
    Wow, great. Thanks for sharing.

    I can't imagine what life would be like. If I would feel out of place or rather if I would feel less pressure or less controlled by romantic or sexual feelings. Probably a little of both...For me, I get the worst of both, feeling out of place AND all those intense romantic/sexual feelings that help us make terrible decisions! haha.

    Aromantic, huh? Oohh, this makes this so much more interesting that it already was. Basically, you would be looking for best friend(s) to supplement partners as a very superficial way to sum things up. Though, now I am wondering, do asexual/aromantic people have any sort of physical relationship with anyone usually, even if not monogamous? I mean they still have all of the physiological responses to certain stimuli (my way of word sanitation).

    Disclaimer, I have very little knowledge about the many sexual minorities among the sexual minorities. So bear with me :p
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