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Thank you all for the kind warmhearted welcome, i really i appreciate it despite that i am still a newcomer to this community
The people here are really friendly

uh, my favorite pokemon game is emerald because it is my first generation that i played (though, my first game was ruby)
I never get myself a game console So i rely on emulator
Although there's many disadvantage in using emulator (i wish i'll get a console soon)
I'm experienced in pixel arts with ms paint and gimp
I do some animation and games with flash
I'm really interested in game-making

Ok, back to this community again, where should i start ?
I mean, there's plenty section here, so i can't just bust in, i need to be at least well known
Do you have some sort of irc where i can gather and chat ? So i can get to know you ,vice versa

Thanks in advance
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