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Hey everyone. Sorry that there has ot been many updates of this lately. The reason for that is I am in the last two weeks of uni for this semester now, an it is just so hands on.
Don't worry though, as afterwards I will be having just over three weeks holidays before I start my winter term studies. So a lot will be hopefully happening in one weeks time. I have adjusted my tileset to make mapping eaiser, but other than that not much else.

I will also put that video up I promised of how Ponario has changed by the end of next week. Just need some music for the background, but if I still haven't gotten any by then, I'll put it up anyway.

For those who have downloaded the game, I know that there al least six of you out there, I just hope they are from PC, what type of housing do you like better?? The rock interior or normal house interior?? Share your thoughts people, because I know you have some!!

Catch everyone in a week if not sooner!!
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