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    Originally Posted by DragoNape View Post
    I have a problem i am stuck in a glitch bug thingy .... i saw myself on a tree and talked to it didnt think of it be a glitch so now it keeps saying qAF . nothing more and i cant do anthing ... Help
    Can you be more specific and tell in an easy language what you desire?

    Originally Posted by prudhvi7249 View Post
    is the rom pokemon dark rising complete??
    Yes it is pretty much complete and covers a long story based region

    Originally Posted by FurY` View Post
    lemme get this straight. I do not have a pokemon that can learn fly in my roster, and atm I can't take any pkmn from the box, because 'usual PC services aren't available'
    Then you have to get there on Foot. Because you cannot FLY, there is no other way around