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Honestly guys, all you need is Lazarus. It's saved my metaphorical butt countless times whilst writing out huge posts and I can't recommend it highly enough! Though as far as I'm aware it isn't available on every browser so it could be worth looking into a universal site feature if at all possible, but really just make sure to back up your posts if they're something long enough/important enough to be more than a slight annoyance to re-write.

On this topic however - 'thread drafts' would be a splendid addition if possible! My experience from the site has largely been in clubs so the kind of threads made there usually require to be worked on over a few hours/days to be great, and it'd just be 100% easier if there was a way to save a half-made thread rather than just copy all the code into a notepad file and hope you didn't miss any when you want to take a break. I know it's not the end of the world and it's just a case of mild convenience, but I'm sure it'd be just as helpful in 90% of sections here. I used to just use moderated threads to create drafts in and that was a heck of a lot easier, but for people without that perk I think it'd be a great feature to consider.
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