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    Masato Ryu - Chapter 2 - Spared?

    The Harbinger soon started to feel the effects of the poison that coated Camillia's blade. However, instead of worrying about the attack, he simply laughed. "Poison? You fight dirty, girl," he grinned as he was slowly bringing his claws back up. Masato suddenly ran towards the two, blades at the ready. As the Harbinger was ready to strike again, Masato intercepted the claws with his weapons. The Harbinger looked to Masato, his face expressionless. If he was surprised, he didn't show it.

    Masato took this moment of distraction and connected with a swift roundhouse kick to the face, causing the Harbinger to stumble back a little. Feeling his adrenaline kick in, Masato suddenly rushed at him, shoving him backwards onto the balcony. He again capitalized on this moment of weakness and used a spinning back jump kick to send the Harbinger over the edge of the balcony. Masato landed on his feet and immediately crouched down, the adrenaline rush petering out to make way for the injuries to start hurting him again.

    Looking over the edge of the balcony himself, Masato noted that the foe that attacked them was nowhere to be seen. No blood or anything. He then turned to Camillia, "I thank you for your assistance. You came at just the right time." He stood as straight as he could and gave a slight bow to her. "I am Masato Ryu. And you are...?"

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