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Destiny Saviouer :: NYC, NY, USA, Earth
Chapter Two :: Arcane Radar

"You're Destiny correct? If so, I suggest that you take a look out at the cove."

Destiny barely glanced at the person that spoke, but she had stopped walking. She had noticed the person hopping among the rooftops, and the spiritual trace of a Reaper was hard to miss. It was lucky that people wrote off interesting persons in New York City as simply being strange or eccentric. This Reaper didn't seem to know how to act casual around the humans.

"So, then, you're Kalek?" Destiny asked in a monotone voice, making it sound more like a statement. She said this without looking at the Reaper, preferring to glance at the cove as he had instructed. There was certainly powerful magic there, and Destiny had noticed it, but she had been paying more attention to a larger, spiritual presence. It wasn't quite so much a source of magic as it was something genetic, something lost among a peoples that had disappeared millennia ago. Regular Reapers would be unable to detect it, and Destiny had no doubt that Kalek hadn't noticed it.

Destiny, however, was a spiritualist. Even in her life, she was a seer. She could see souls in all their myriad forms. She could also detect a fellow Atlantean with ease.

There was no doubt that this Atlantean could also detect her.

Could the Atlantean be whom she thought it was? It wasn't impossible. Nothing was impossible. If this Atlantean had any sort of arcane signature, they were very adept at concealing it. That wasn't a very common skill, even among Reapers. Destiny could do it, to an extent, but due to her line of work she hadn't had too much reason to perfect it. Only other magical creatures and some gifted mortals could detect an arcane signature, so it never really came into play on a regular everyday mission.

Destiny focused on the signature at the cove. It's soul wasn't as impressive as the one she was tracking, but the magic that emanated from it showed it to be a force to be reckoned with. Neither of these signatures were to be taken lightly, but Destiny couldn't help but to focus on the Atlantean. It struck a personal blow that Destiny had experienced a handful of times since the fall of her homeland, and she planned on pursuing it.

If it was who she thought it was, she had to pursue it. There was, however, also a chance that this presence would pursue her. It would all depend on its goals, Destiny supposed.

"The presence at the cove is but one of the forces that I am detecting. Don't worry if you can't detect the second—I wouldn't expect you to be able to. Whoever it is can conceal their magical aura, but their soul is still plain for me to see," Destiny stated casually, looking as if she was making everyday conversation. "They seem to be on a path to intercept the signature at the cove, so that may as well be the best place to start our search. Are you ready?"

With that, Destiny dissolved into the crowd, effortlessly making her way through towards the cove. If Kalek had managed to follow her in the first place, he would have no difficulty keeping pace.

A burdened heart sinks into the ground
A veil falls away without a sound
Not day nor night, wrong nor right
For truth and peace you fight
Sing with me a song of silence and blood
The rain falls, but can't wash away the mud
Within my ancient heart dwells madness and pride
Can no one hear my cry

Embrace the dark you call a home,
Gaze upon an empty, white throne
A legacy of lies,
A familiar disguise
Sing with me a song of conquest and fate
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone
In the white light, a hand reaches through
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away,
Embrace the brand-new day
Sing with me a song of birthrights and love
The light scatters to the sky above
Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone
Lost in thoughts all alone

In endless dreams, countless realms collide
Hope falls only to rise like the changing tide
But all dreams come to an end,
Just whispers on the wind
Sing with me one last time, for light's sacrifice,
Endless dawn came but not without a price,
Lost in the waves there glimmers, a pale blue stone.
I think of you, all alone
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