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    Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
    It may not be broken in a competive sense but it feel unoriginal now after three generations of Fire/Fighting. I hope they do something special with Fennekin even making it pure Fire like Typlosion.
    Many unoriginal things have been used longer than fire/fighting. First route rat, early game regional birds, pikachu clones. These are ignored because they are "tradition" but its boring if they use a good type combination. Either complain about it all or don't. The others are way more annoying and Fire/fighting are used more than other starters. Majority of starters are low rank tiers and the two non fighting starters are bottom tier as well. All there are are lame excuses with worse or more annoying yet ignored repeats. If they're to be more original start with whats been the same for 5 generations now.

    Fennekin is already at a high chance of being completely destroyed when the games come out. She can be fire/psychic with only physical moves. A physical attacker with only special moves. Horrible stats/move pool to make her unappealing much like Snivy when gen 5 was released. With fire/fighting at leadt she's practically guaranteed to be used more than the other two. Maybe about as much as infernape if she doesn't get a stat/movepool shafting. Chespin has the best potential if grass rock as his only worry will be the fire/fighting starters.