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    Hey everyone! I have decisions made for a new romhack! I want it to be full-fledged and not a Kanto Emerald! But why do I want to make a team and not by myself? Since I believe the only thing I am good at is at mapping, I need to recurit a team of people to help me out. If not, this hack will go down the drain. And I do want this nice hack to be finished. It'll take a while, but I do want such to happen. Sounds crazy, but, because some of my other romhack making attempts caused the game to break and freeze before, I need a more experienced team of professional rom hackers that can somehow make this possible. And, thus, Team Fantasy was born.

    So! Specifications.

    This romhack is a hack of Pokémon FireRed.
    This romhack has a story.
    This romhack requires custom tiles.
    This romhack MAY require music from other games.


    Time Zone:
    Past Romhacks worked on:
    More info:

    johnr754 - Mapper, Leader
    Extremeromhacker - Scripter?
    xboxmandude - ?????

    We need a tile editor.


    You are (PLAYER), a young Knight from a kingdom (undecided name) where the King's daughter has been captured by hooligans. He gives you a POKéMON (one of the Hoenn starters). When you arrive at the place where the KING's DAUGHTER has been held, it turns out the DAUGHTER fooled everyone and is now evil. As the KING is unable to comprehend this, he banishes you from his kingdom because he cannot comprehend it and thinks you killed her. And, thus, the story begins (It needs improving and it is a giant big load of cliches, I know, I know)