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Originally Posted by Kitori View Post
You can make an account at and upload images there. Then you just hit the "insert image" button above the text box when making a post and copy and paste the image url.

Grats! I'll add it to your entry.
Oh! You "have" to make an account:O? There is no other way xD? If not I guess I'll just have to make one haha:D.

And thanks a lot

PS: You certainly are NOT the worst challenge runner ever haha, I mean look at you replying to all my questions and answering everyone in need of you:p. Sure a bit late xD... but I know you are busy and I don't think anyone here will hold it against you:p.

I remember a year and a half ago I was just like that too lol, studying my ass off, fearing the exams, doing weekend jobs, etc etc, so I know what you are going through xD

Have fun on your holidays and good luck with your exams

EDIT: 5400 RE later and still no shiny to show for. This is just insanity lol. I know it isn't uber long yet but still, it is my longest hunt so far and I am kinda losing my patience:/. I'm so annoyed right now you guys don't even know:p. I will honestly rage if i DO get a shiny and it is another spearow lol. I'll try to reach to 6000 today and hopefully by then I will have one to show for, but I honestly doubt it.

MORE EDIT: 6500 RE and still nothing! Man this is taking forever . I hope before 7k it sparkles lol, I'll even take a spearow again haha xD.

May your luck be better than mine