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    Partner Pokemon: Darvius the Alakazam
    Favourite Psychic-types: Alakazam, Metagross, Espeon, Starmie and celebi (not sure if its psych) and Mewtwo

    Why you like the Psychic-type: They are incredible powerful, and in the first chapter of the serie, they look invencible XD, besides, like psych pokemon, you can talk with them just using your mind, so in a battle i guess you cand give him orders without saying a word, so the other trainer doesn't know what attack you will use XD.

    If you became a Psychic-type Pokemon all of a sudden, what would you do with your newfound powers?
    I would read the mind of my opponets for a easy win. In test or contest i would read the mind of the owners to obtain the correct answer, and I wold use my telekinesis to fly XD

    What are some of your favourite Psychic-type moves?
    Psychic and calm mind because with this two moves my kadabra in the first games i played destroy almost all their oponents.

    P. D. I guess the user bar for the psy club is down, i can't see it.