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Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
Even without all that convenience we're used to in Gen IV & V, I'm still planning to move straight into Gen VI. There are still version exclusives that I can help people out with and also offer breeding for Pokemon that are not native to Gen VI, providing we can transfer our Pokemon of course.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure version exclusives will be the biggest market for a while after the release of XY. I wonder if I'll be able to force myself to beat it fast, or if I'll wind up taking my sweet time. I mean, I'll need that stuff as quick as possible to meet demands, but at the same time I need to be able to enjoy the game or else what's the point?
Originally Posted by abarai View Post
I will just play through the game and enjoy it first before i worry about making a shop and getting into trading. If i am still interested in trading afterwards it will be vastly different for all the reasons you listed, no cloning would definitely limit what people would be willing to trade aswell as no easy way to check for hacks. Maybe i would just offer egg move breeds and version exclusive pokes like tabor until more options become avaliable, possibly EV training services who knows.

Two 3DS systems would be handy but unless the prices come down significantly i will just stick to one.
I'll probably wind up borrowing my bro's 3DS for in-trading until I can get another one. EV training may be difficult if we can't find out the EV values for Pokemon. I don't know how they could figure that out without being able to read the game's data. Certainly power item training is viable. And I suppose as long as you know a Pokemon's highest base stat you can guess what EVs it will yield, but we can't know for certain.
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