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    So then, I have been at work making a map for the region, for everyone still editing histories and such, once I put the map down you can mark down locations as to where you were born, etc. The map will include institutions that everyone knows about, aka the mage's society headquarters and school, major cities, and small towns that are well known. What will not be shown on the map are hidden towns that are very very small, dungeons, or other places that are only rumors or such. Once I get it up either today or tomorrow feel free to look over the region.

    @Lacoste Unfortunately demons do not work that way in this book. What the scroll could do in terms of demons is summon one to your location and if you aren't strong enough to control it, it very well could strike a deal with him to impart him the gift of magic if he offered a part of his soul or something else irreplaceable to him, such as the memories of his family or such. Or, you can keep the price he paid a secret and PM it to me. There is no definitive book of demons, but there are books about demons so if you could change that part in your history that would be swell.
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