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    none of these dropbox links seem to work

    Exception: NameError

    Message: uninitialized constant DependentEvents::Current_Following_Variable

    Pokemon Following Characters:61:in `refresh_sprite'

    PokemonParty:1995:in `pbPokemonScreen'

    PokemonParty:1897:in `loop'

    PokemonParty:2024:in `pbPokemonScreen'

    PokemonPauseMenu:173:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'

    PokemonPauseMenu:172:in `pbFadeOutIn'

    PokemonPauseMenu:172:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'

    PokemonPauseMenu:142:in `loop'

    PokemonPauseMenu:256:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'

    Scene_Map:188:in `call_menu'

    This exception was logged in

    C:\Users\Gebruiker\Saved Games/Pokemon Lunar Version/errorlog.txt.

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