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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
As you've been told a million times this hack looks amazing. I do wonder why the borders of interior maps are that ugly brown colour - it detracts from the focus and I think pure black would look better.

I would like to see more examples of your scripting skills - i.e, videos of some events or something - because exemplary graphics isn't enough to qualify this hack as great - I don't doubt you though! Keep up the awesome work!
Thanks firstly for the kind comment! :>
As for the brown border, idk noone really pointed it out that it doesn't look that bad and it never really bothered me since its only a little palette RGB change.
I guess I wanted to be a little different from other hacks which uses the plain black color.

Also for the scripts, since almost all major storyline script have been scripted, I think I should maybe make a video or two.
Actually idk why I didnt do that until now, I was probably going to wait that people can see them while playing.

Unfortunately were overworking the first two towns scriptwise because of my new textbox and color codes =/

I have one script that is probably really worth to be shown, but its not completely done yet.
I'll work on it maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow in the morning.
If I'll be able to make a video of it then I'll upload it right away so you can take a look at it.
I just hope you guys are going to like it.

Lastly thanks again for the comment which is really appreaticed :)

Also I don't want to spoil or anything but I think I'll release the alpha in a month.
If everything goes with the rythm it is.