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    I started collecting pokemon since i was 12 and started playin last year with some friends that also played. I have a water/metal deck with haxorus a little unbalanced deck but actually pretty strong, i have won a couple of games with it, with different people and various decks.
    Now, i'm tryin to do a new deck and since the new modifications in the game, i'm not sure if its strong or not. I want to make a deck based on special condition (poison, confusion, sleep, burn,...). I have though about using Dustox (platinum) and leafeon. The 1st gives a lot of damage plus 3 special condition and an awesome pokepower and leafeon because of the damage based on the amount of special conditions. The problem is that i dont know what other pokemon should i had to the deck i've though about vespiquen (d&p- stormfront), venomoth(d&p- secret wonders) and beautifly (platinum).
    Something like this:4x wurmple, 2-2 dustox, 1-1 beautifly, 3-2 çeafeon, 2-2 vespiquen, 2-2 venomoth.

    I really like special conditions cause they're just so anoying for the oponent. i really apreciate any help to this deck cause i dont have much experience building decks.


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