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    Originally Posted by The Opera Ghost View Post
    Then don't label yourself as anything. Just because society forces labels onto us doesn't mean we have to agree with them and stick them onto ourselves.

    You are who you are, nobody defines you but yourself. Take the time to understand yourself and what your feelings for different people are.
    Wise words ;o I'm no psych. major, but labels just seem to be inventions to create a piece of mind in knowing that I am "insert label here." They create that identification which states that I know what I am, but knowing what you are doesn't matter because you're you :3 Hell. Your name doesn't even mean anything if you don't want it to mean anything. But, eh. Labels can also help others get a stab at who you are too since it conjures an image of who you are based on mostly stereotypes ^.^' Can be both a good and bad thing. Since homosexual tends to carry a lot of interesting connotations... *counts the number of times he's been called the "gay best friend" in certain places or has been invited shopping based solely on sexuality*

    I think I've felt demisexual feelings for a few woman before. Like when I dated my last girlfriend for three years, I could feel sexual attraction (as in physically with all the hormonal changes, if ya know what I mean <.<) for her whenever we experienced intense emotional experiences like indulging in sharing interests and junk like that even though typically I am very uninterested in the female anatomy. I still identify has homosexual though for a variety of reasons, namely because that identification helps me find the mate I want xP I know that I can be romantic though towards both sexes, especially more so woman x.x

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