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Heya Sub! Love your avatar, welcome to PC~

Roleplayer for seven or eight years?! That's quite a long time. :O I roleplayed back in the days of Yahoo messenger like... nine years ago, haha. Didn't last long but it was such a fun experience. Loved roleplaying anything Team Rocket-related so thinking back on that now kind of makes me miss it. The friend I roleplayed with should still be around, so perhaps there's hope to get in contact again! Our Roleplay Corner board will be the absolute best place for you; explore around and join some of the RPs if you'd like, I'm sure your stay there will be pleasant, especially given that you have so much RPing experience under your belt. You should delve into the Pokemon-related boards sometime too, like the gaming or perhaps Pokemon Trivia/Games and Pokemon Clubs, and get involved in those. Since you seem like a big fan of the franchise you'll probably enjoy yourself here a lot.

Since you have played Pokemon for such a long time, have you developed a preference for any certain Pokemon or type? And are there any other parts of the franchise you like besides the games?

And if you have forum experience you'll definitely have an easier time settling into things here. ^_~ Some new users tend to get a bit confused due to the size of this community, which I can understand since I was the same way for a while years ago. So long as you read and understand the main rules and individual section rules, you'll be a-okay! On the occasion that you're confused, though, you can contact a moderator or post in the Questions & Feedback forum section which is right above The Welcome Lounge.

Great meeting you and enjoy your stay here! :D Make sure to stick around!

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