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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    You can trade in eggs. When you said you weren't able to get them, I felt like you implied you had no way to trade, so I apologize for the confusion. You can trade them or go with what you swapped them for if you'd like, since that was my mistake for misunderstanding.
    I'll just go back to Yanmega and Archeops to keep with the spirit of the challenge.

    Update #1:

    - Sped through everything with Oshawott before getting the C-Gear.
    - Traded in Torchic, Archen, and Yanma eggs
    - Ran around for a while till Torchic and Yanma hatched
    - Nicknamed Torchic Moegami and Yanmega Yanbon
    - Trained them both up to Lv. 10
    - Went ahead to Virbank City, and finally my Archen hatched!
    - Nicknamed Archen Charche
    - Caught a Growlithe in Virbank Complex, and nicknamed it Lithero
    - Fought the 2 normal trainers in Virbank Gym
    - Went and evolved Moegami, then started catching Yanbon and Charche up
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